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Essex Reptile European Tortoise Kit

Category: Starter Kits

We have put this kit together so you can safely and a happily house your Horsefield of Hermans tortoise 

This wonderful home includes:

Viva Exotic Tortoise Table

Viva Exotic Stand (optional)

Zoo Med lamp stand

Exo Terra Solar Glow UV & Heat combination basking lamp

Exo terra UV reflective dome fitting

Pro rep tortoise straw bedding

Pro rep XL water bowl so your tortoise can happily relax in it!



The Vivexotic Tortoise Table is an easy to clean, complete home for a pet tortoise in a modern oak finish.
The table features an enclosed sleeping area with hinged lid for access. This area can also accommodate a standard seed tray which can be filled with soil. An optional heat mat may be positioned behind the protective glass panel in the sleeping area.
A separate stand is also available to create a free standing table. The optional extension pack increases the space for your tortoise. Note,  if a stand is used for the table, an additional stand set is also required with the extension.

Removable, decorative glass panel makes access for cleaning simple and easy.

Dimensions (mm) Table: Width 900 x Depth 450 x Height 215


Price: £285.00

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