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Glossary of Reptile Terminology

Animal Origins

There are several abbreviations used to describe where an animal originated the commonly used ones are:

CB - Captive Bred - This is an animal which has been bred in captivity.

WC - Wild Caught - These animals have been taken directly from the wild as either babies or adults.

LTC - Long Term Captive - These are wild caught animals which have been in captivity for a good while and are therefore usually well acclimatised.

CF - Captive Farmed - These are usually bred in semi captive conditions in their country of origin.

CH - Captive Hatched - This is where the eggs are taken from the wild or from animals of wild origin and hatched in captivity.

Snake Species Abbreviations

GTP - Green Tree Python

ATB - Amazon Tree Boa

ETB - Emerald Tree Boa

BCC - Boa constrictor constrictor - The redtailed boa

BCI - Boa constrictor imperator - The common boa

Counting Animals

When people have more than one of the same species of animal they often abbreviate it to a series of 3 numbers eg 1.2.0 cornsnakes. The first number is the number of males, the second number is the number of females, and the third number is unknown sex.

1.0.0 - This is one male

0.1.0 - This is one female

1.2.0 - This is one male and two females

0.0.4 - This is four animals of unknown sex